Friday, April 23, 2010

Random! :)

Great Grandma sent the kids Back packs for Easter. The kids LOVE them and wanted to wear them ALL day. Its so cute!

Alexis LOVES the swings at the park. She runs straight over to them every time.

We love to play Peek-a-boo in the car!

It was Cory's birthday on Monday, so Cory, Gil, Val, and I went to Universal Studios. It wasn't crowded and it stayed clear of rain for most of the day. It was a lot of fun.

I really liked this for some reason. It is crazy how they took an actual Airplane and destroyed it just for the movie War of Worlds.

This is one of the new buildings that they built after the fire.

We were able to go on Everything. It was pretty awesome!

By the way, my interview went very well yesterday. She seemed very pleased with all my answers and the interview lasted for about an hour. We covered all the issues in the store and we talked about how I would handle situations. I will know in a week to 2 weeks. The distric manager is coming in today. So hopefully I can make a great impression on her today. I was so nervous before the interview, but afterward i felt great. I really hope I get this. It would make life a lot easier. I am still going to go to school and get my general ed finished. This has been a good year so far.

Now it is time to go to work. I will try to get a new blog up soon. Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My First Blog!

First off I want to say that my kids are my EVERYTHING. I live and breath every moment for them. SO my blogs will most likely be mostly about them. lol But that's OK right? :)

I want to start off by saying, I work at PetsMart. I have been working their for 4 years. I have had my ups and downs but for the most part it has been a pretty easy job. As it stands right now, I work in the PetsHotel. I love it there. The people are awesome and they LOVE the pets they take care of. I am a G.S.A right now, which is a Guest Service Associate. Bascially I make reservations, do check ins and outs, and I take care of the cats. Among other things like walking and feeding the dogs, being in DayCamp, or cleaning around the hotel. It is the easiest job. I just found out that my store is interviewing for a support manager. I have been told by 3 of my managers that I should interview for the position. I decided last night that I am going to do it. I called my store manager this morning and told her I am interested and she said she is going to set up my interview for next week. The job guarantees 36hrs a week min. That kind of security is something I need right now. I am really hoping for this. Pray for me and my family please. This could help us greatly.

Speaking of my family, my kids went to the doctor yesterday to catch up on their shots. They got 4 shots, their blood drawn and a tetanus shot. My poor babies. Afterwards Logan kept staring down the nurses and would whine when they walked by him. The doctor also gave me a number for a speech therapist. She is worried that the kids are to far behind in their speech development. Right now they should be saying 7 to 20 words. Alexis only says maybe 3 and Logan barley talks at all. He knows maybe 2 words. I really hope the speech therapist can help them. I am a little worried about them.

My new place is AMAZING! I love it so much. I just wanted to put that out there. :)

Alexis is starting to get into the biting stage. If she gets mad at her brother, she will try to bite him. It started out of know where. I really don't know how to stop it. It is only when she gets REALLY mad at him. Logan has started to pick his nose. On a daily basis. I don't know how kids learn these things, but he just did it one day and now he is in there every chance he gets. No matter how many times I make him stop. He has even gone so far as to try to hide it from me. On top of that, he eats his boogers. Or he tries to pick my nose. He is OBSESSED. I don't know if I should stop him or just let him and hope he grows out of it.

Well I am going to go get the kids dressed and get ready to go to the beach or the park. I haven't stepped outside yet so I haven't decided on what it will be yet.

I hope everyone is well and I hope to see everyone soon.