Thursday, May 6, 2010

Already for summer!

We had a great day in the sun on Monday.

I brought out the bath toys for Alexis. She loves her animal toys.

Logan decided to lay on the whale and slide in the pool. I guess the next pool will have to have a slide.

Logan figured out he has a shadow. He was SO amazed.

Logan loves to be splashed with water, but hates when you have to wash his hair in the bath tub. Go figure.

My Little Popeye! He cracks me up sometimes.

Mogley playing fetch.

Alexis figured out I had a camera. Such a ham!

It was a great day. We ate sandwiches and chips, while listening to music and just relaxing. They took good naps that day. I hope to have more days like that, and I hope to have everyone come over this summer for a BBQ.